No one who was there can forget the 1965 12 Hours of Sebring because every element came together—the circuit, cars, drivers, teams and even theweather—to create drama like few races ever see during an era that was pure magic. Fortunately, Dave Friedman was there to capture the essence of it all on film. Back up the imagery with comments from those who were part of the spectacle, like Jim Hall and Dan Gurney, print it beautifully, and you have a winner.
  Vintage Motorsport
Historians have yet to pinpoint the exact date when the Golden Age of Road Racing peaked, but photographer/journalists Harry Hurst and Dave Friedman have come close with their remarkably intimate photo-chronicle 12 Hours of Sebring 1965. The book glances back at a time before races became the Vegas-style events they are today, awash in logos and egos. My, how seat-of-the-pants it all was back then. There are marvelous candid photographs of famous racing figures of the time--among them Carroll Shelby, Graham Hill, Bruce McLaren--wandering the oil-stained tarmac wearing Hawaiian shirts and beat-up tennis shoes. Hurst and Friedman, both veterans of the Sebring era, have compiled some wonderful behind-the-scenes reminiscences as well, from the likes of Dan Gurney and Jim Hall, who designed and co-drove the winning Chaparral 2 car at Sebring that March day and wrote the book's foreword.
Friedman's and Hurst's book succeeds wonderfully at telling the story of this race from the viewpoint of all the major teams..This book is the story of three triumphs: Chaparral's and the authors'... It's a remarkable accomplishment.
  Jim Donnelly
Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car
4 Stars (Absolute Must)
Self-published books are not always things of beauty, but 12 Hours of Sebring 1965 is a keeper. Friedman, official photographer for the Shelby American team, presents excellent photographs depicting a simpler time in racing, a time that could be forgotten if not for books like this.
  4/5 helmets

Over forty years after the fact it is no longer giving away the ending to say that Chaparral won. However, Friedman and Hurst have evoked a page-turner of an adventure book nonetheless. Supplementing their own text is a colorful array of comments from many participants in the race, including drivers, officials, and mechanics. One may know the outcome but the getting there is told in a most engaging fashion. The scenes transport one back to a much simpler and more accessible time, yet one bubbling with excitement over all manner of technological innovation.

Whatever one’s interest in that era of racing, this is a must-have book. The personalities, the cars, and the action all come alive as nowhere else.

  Janos Wimpffen
"...the photographs provide the reader with unparalleled access to not only the on-track action, but also the behind-the-scenes struggles that made this rain-soaked event so significant. These great photos, combined with the thoughts and memories of all the key combatants provide a deeper insight into just how important this particular event was for the emergence of American teams like Chaparral and Ford on the international endurance racing scene. This book is a must have for any enthusiast of the period or fan of Friedman's prodigious work."
  4 Stars (Excellent)
Vintage Racecar

Thank you so much for the Sebring book. Dan enjoyed it and so did I.
Your e-mail address says it all!

PS: I did the Porsche press release for that race, Huschke von Hanstein called me from Florida and said the track looked like the Rhine River in spring time.

  Best wishes,
Dan and Evi Gurney
"Received your book last week, since when I've hardly put it down. Just like its 1970 counterpart, it is a wonderful illustration of another great event in the history of Sebring and makes me a little prouder that through the winning car of 1999 that we designed and manufactured for BMW, Williams has played a small part in its history. Being a fan of cars such as the Cobra Daytona Coupe and Ferrari 250 GTO, your book has given me many more great pictures and stories to enjoy."
  Jonathan Williams
Williams F1 Team
Received your new book on Sat. Thanks for the great service! The book is absolutely wonderful!!! It is as close to re-living the event as is possible. I could hear the sounds, smell the smells, even feel the heat and rain! Excellent effort in all respects! None better! Thanks, again.
  Douglas Martin
Congratulations on a most outstanding book!
I vividly remember reading about Chaparral's victory at Sebring in Car & Driver at the time, and your book -texts, photos- is a fantastic portrait of that race and of sports car racing in those glorious days...
  Fernando Villavecchia
Barcelona, Spain
I am impressed with your latest book on Sebring 1965: a real timepiece! Thank you and also a big thank you of course to all contributors to this book, not in the least Mr. Friedman! I enjoy it over and over again! Till the next time/book! Kind regards.
  Herman Swarts
The Netherlands
Your book is a great work and looks gorgeous. It arrived naturally in best condition!
Many congratulations and thanks !
  Gabor Szabo
Budapest, Hungary
Got my copy in the mail and it's fantastic! Keep 'em coming!
  Aaron Courteau
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