"Every now and then a truly special book comes along, and this is one of them. The photos are excellent and the quotes from many of the participants provide insights that make the race come alive....One of the best racing event books I've ever read...This truly is a remarkable work." - Click here for full review
  Thos L. Bryant in his "On the Road" column in Road & Track
"...a work of art...a visual delight...pure poetry...thoroughly enjoyable
from start to finish." - Click here for full review
  Peter Vack, VeloceToday.com
"I loved the book!"
  Jay Leno
"It may sound like a cliche, but every picture in this book really does tell a story. When you look at them, they show the life of the race, the feelings of the drivers and the power of the cars."
  GT/Purely Porsche Magazine
"Exquisite photos...elegant... succinct and compelling...highly recommended.
Click here for full review
  Janos Wimpffen, dailysportscar.com
"The photos have a wonderful archival look, and the layout, commentary, and
high production quality complement the artwork."
  Matt Stone, Motor Trend
"It manages to be both polished yet intimate, and makes the reader experience the desperation of the combatants."
  Sam Posey
"Harry's photos are what mine would have looked like if I had still been shooting at that time."
  Tom Burnside 
"Hurst has managed to portray brilliantly the atmosphere of endurance racing and especially that particular era. For those of us whose only contact with racing at the time was through Motor Sport, then this brings it all to life most vividly."
  The Nostalgia Forum, www.atlasf1.com
"The photos captured so much about the race...far more than the on track photos ever do. The personality shots show the intensity so well...and to have comments from the 'people involved' makes it very 'first person.'
  Dale Miller
"...the images are fantastic, and really capture the atmosphere beautifully.
A great job at a very, very reasonable price. Any Ferrari fan and long
distance racing enthusiast should have it in their library. Many
congratulations on a superb effort."
  Keith Bluemel, editor, Cavallino magazine
"Harry Hurst...vividly captures the unfolding drama of the endurance race
with his superbly reproduced photos, some of his own words and quotes from
crew mechanics and drivers...A valuable addition to every enthusiast's
  Victory Lane Magazine
"[Does] an excellent job of placing the reader at the centre of the
action...An evocative snapshot of the most exciting era of endurance
  Thoroughbred & Classic Cars
"His photographs, together with the memories of others including Andretti
and Dan Gurney, form a poignant memory...the images are beautifully
reproduced and bring home the grittiness of the race with powerful realism."
  Classic & Sportscar
"Hurst has captured the excitement and drama of endurance racing at night
and his photographs are full of personality and atmosphere... A really nice
  Auto Italia
"Not only does Hurst beautifully capture the mood and action of the
race,...but he has gone back and obtained first-hand accounts from
protagonists like Mario Andretti, Brian Redman, Dan Gurney and others to
really bring them to life...an excellent value."
  Vintage Racecar


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